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Enterprise Cloud

Infrastructure you can trust
Cloud backup

Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery & Storage

Use latest technology such as DRaaS to get back to your feet in no time, all without experiencing downtime!

Cloud Iaas


IaaS is well known for saving the budget when organizations are short of assets that ensure prominent business growth and productivity. With the ability to virtually handle operations while service providers keep track of the hardware, IaaS is a favorite amongst emerging businesses.

Cloud managed

Cloud Managed Networking

Cloud managed networking combines versatility and efficiency with the advantages the cloud has to offer. That's why so many enterprises have already migrated to this next-level infrastructure.

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IT Procurement

Knowledge and service driven procurement

Pricing Intelligence

It’s our job to make sure you always get the best deal. With so many vendors out there, our duty is to guarantee a purchase that is the least costly.

How do we do it? By keeping an eye on current promotions, offers, stock clearances, and discounts. Now, you can get high-end hardware without the heavy price tag.


Technical Acumen

Complex IT environments are susceptible to challenges such as incompatibility and inability to have the right equipment that fulfils their business demands.

But we’ve got your back. We validate compatibility and are on the lookout to dismiss mismatches in your existing infrastructure while providing expert Pre-Sales Engineering.


Future Proof

Market trends will always be fluctuating. By being constantly on the lookout for these changes, we are able to forward this information in order to keep clients ahead of the game.

Additionally, any upgrades and renewals in existing solutions are automatically brought to the knowledge of our customers to keep them updated.


Financing & Logistical Support

Origen can provide financing for as low as 0% for eligible companies. We also offer warehousing and storage facilities as well as custom logistical requirements and providing easy-to-apply solutions.

When you request a quote from us, you won’t get blindly quoted.

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IP Telephony

Voice over IP, not over Internet
Mitel Phone
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Origen offers high availability SIP channels for mid to large enterprises.
Compatible with almost every IP based PBX and Call Center dialing platforms. (Available via a dedicated local circuit)

VoIP is the most sensitive IP protocol out there; it needs to be as real time as it gets.
With the knowledge of QoS and experience with industry leading firewalls such as Sonicwall, Cisco and Fortinet, our knowledge is at your disposal to help you achieve harmonized and balanced IP Voice.

With the knowledge of QoS and experience with industry leading firewalls such as Sonicwall, Cisco and Fortinet, our knowledge is at your disposal to help you achieve harmonized and balanced IP Voice.

Origen offers Enterprise-Grade Managed PBX with an Enterprise Specific Edition and an advanced Contact Center Edition:
• Consolidated network for multi-branch environments
• Rights Based Management: User with custom permission profiles, Departmental managers, Global admin
• Mobile Integration
• Conference Bridging
• Advanced Queuing
• Unified Communications
• Presence
• API for reporting and external applications
• Call Center Statistics
• Real Time and Historic Agent Monitoring
• and many more options to choose from

Origen offers a dedicated Point-to-Point layer 2 circuit to our datacenters, allowing you to take advantage of any VoIP based service without any internet cloud involvement.
We give you a telephony experience as reliable as traditional telephony with all the advantages of VoIP.

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Fiber Internet

The best transit in the Fiber Internet business

Origen offers high availability dedicated Fiber Internet Connection for mid to large enterprise delivered via fiber optic technology. Connections are backed by high quality bandwidth and exceptional customer service.

Unlike traditional layer 2 connectivity, Origen lets customers run without any limitations. Q and Q support allows companies to run their own VLANS.

Multi-branch and Franchise customers can take advantage of Origen's volume pricing. For large customers, custom routing, application limitations and QoS policies are possible directly on the internet connection itself.

It's not always easy to harmonize LAN and WAN. Origen offers integration consulting with Cisco certified design associate staff, from giving you equipment selection, advice and best practices to a complete infrastructure design.

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Peering Partners
Inside our customer's minds

Prior to dealing with Origen we had our phone and fax lines with Bell Canada and that cost us a fortune monthly. Not only have we saved tremendously on our monthly costs with Origen, but we have very convenient switch board services, professional greeting recordings, and my favorite feature is the “FOLLOW ME FEATURE” which standard phone companies don’t offer. We appreciate the level of competitiveness Origen offers to our company, and we appreciate the services we receive at the moment underway. We will continue to use Origen well into the future.

Hassan Razaq CEO

Dealing with Origen has helped our company to save tremendously on our monthly cost, while at the same time giving us a vast variety of services that are not offered by other companies. The level of quality of the service is great and we really love the fact that at times of need the Origen support team is there to help. We would like to mention that we would not hesitate for one second to recommend Origen and know that our relationship is greatly appreciated. We will continue to use Origen in the future.

Leila Director of Sales Support

I want to say that your service is excellent. We have supported it like never before with other providers. Thanks a lot to your team!

Jean Fortin Members Services Director

The staff at P Henchey Travel is very impressed at the exceptional service provided by Origen Telecom. We recently became customers and the transition was just seamless. The technical support service handled everything without causing any loss of business operations on our end. The best part is that Origen has the resources to solve any technical difficulties internally. Our operations run smoothly and our questions get answered immediately. We highly recommend your company. Keep up the good work!

Emma Goranitis Broker Agent
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