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Data Storage

Origen offers enterprise-grade storage solutions. Our solutions adapt to your growing environments, fit into your budget and ensure data is is available and performs when you need it.

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Data is at the Heart of your Enterprise

Storage solutions we offer

  • Scale-out

    Scale-out storage architecture allows total amount of disk space to be expanded quickly through the addition of devices in connected arrays Great for constantly growing environment with large amount of data.

  • File Storage

    Optimized for unstructured data, file storage systems are typical NAS based. Perfect for the file user facing file sharing.

  • Block Storage

    The standard for tradional IT environments  SAN based block storage is the go to for mixed workloads. Optimized for compressable and deduplicable data  with a performace requirement such as virtualisation and databases. 

  • Specilaized Storage and Distributed file systems

    Industry specific or specialized workloads such as AI, IoT and HPC require specilized storage with focus in mind. This where distributed file systems and specialized system are a fit based on the orginisation specific need.

Analytics keeps your data environment healthy

Our Storage Partners

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Featured products

VAST Data NVMe flash enclosure

VAST Data’s Universal Storage redefines the economics of flash storage, making flash affordable for all applications, from the highest performance databases to the largest data archives, for the first time. The Universal Storage concept blends game-changing storage innovations to lower the acquisition cost of flash with an exabyte-scale file and object storage architecture breaking decades of storage trade-offs.

DE600S 4U60

The ThinkSystem DE Series Hybrid Flash Array with adaptive-caching algorithms was engineered to do just that. It’s ideal for workloads ranging from high-IOPS or bandwidth-intensive streaming applications to high-performance storage consolidation.

Tintri EC 6000

The Tintri EC6000™ All-Flash Series delivers powerful and efficient all-flash performance for up to 7,500 virtualized applications in just two rack units. Flexible expansion with FlexDrive gives you the power to balance performance and capacity one drive at a time.

HPE Nimble AF80

Are you struggling to find the perfect combination of flash storage and predictive analytics? HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays combine a flash-efficient architecture with HPE InfoSight predictive analytics to achieve fast, reliable access to data and guaranteed high availability.

Download our 2020 Origen Comparative Storage Buyer's Guide.

Our buyer's guide contains comparison of the brands under our roof.

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Origen Knowledge stack

Storage Workloads

  • HPC
  • AI
  • CCTV
  • Broadcast
  • Datacenter
  • VFX
  • Big Data

Understanding workloads is a key factor to delivering the right storage solutions. Here are some of theworkloads part of the Origen knowledge stack.

Storage Technologies

  • GPFS
  • PNFS
  • NFS
  • NVME
  • Fiber Channel
  • iSCSI
  • Infiniband
  • Luster

Each solution takes a different approach and familiarity with technical specifications is crucial. Origen has the undertand of key techlogies in the storage world.

Storage Industries

  • Oil and Gas
  • Academic Research
  • Financial Services
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Oil and Gas
  • Technology

Every industry comes with their own challegnes and needs. Knowing and having the ability to cater to each industry is vital.

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